I have a lunch delivery service that has been fun and successful for 6 years. I have been asked on many occasions if I delivered to homes and have resisted until now. My son asked me help out some people at the gym and so my research began. My daughter Marlee is the perfect partner because she is passionate about delicious food. We found most people that are committed to health and fitness spend much of their time in preparation of their meals, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Our goal when creating our menu each week will achieve a clean, lean and healthy lifestyle.

*Effortless & healthy body weight maintenance or weight loss

*Supporting fitness, training & muscle building

*Free of unhealthy fats, refined sugars & low – zero food chemicals and preservatives

*Increases energy & clarity

*Helps your body to absorb the nutrients from food more efficiently

*Supports optimal nutritional health

*Stimulates your metabolic rate

*Fuels your body with proteins, good fats and carbs

*Increases energy to reach your health and fitness goals

*No more fatigue during or after a workout

*No more processed foods

*Suitable for Men or Women