Next Weeks Menu

April 11 – April 17

Breakfast- Peanut butter and banana oatmealOatmeal pancakesSpanish omelet Baked avocado with eggSweet potato protein pancakesBreakfast casseroleKashi and greek yogurt with blueberries
Lunch- Turkey cabbage rollsChicken picatta with oven roasted vegetablesSouthwest chicken wrap with vegetables and a sriracha mayoMiso wasabi mahi mahi with sugar snap peasCreamy chicken and mushroom with zucchini noodlesMediterranean chicken sandwichHerb roasted pork loin with green beans
Dinner- Tomato basil baked salmonSesame ginger marinated sirloin and broccoli Spaghetti squash with tomato basil sauce and chickenEnchilada suizas salad with black beans and Spanish ricePork and sweet potato casseroleJerk chicken with brown rice and grilled asparagusSalsa chicken salad
Snack- Shrimp ceviche Deviled eggsBroccoli and sweet potato frittersStuffed mushrooms with quinoaLentil burger with garlic mayoHummus and vegetable wrapChicken satay
Snack- Spicy roasted edamameLemon protein barsTuna cucumber cupsPeanut butter rice cakesMini zucchini pizzasSriracha cashews and popcornEggplant dip with vegetables